• On performing ‘intaglio’

    I completed intaglio on the 29th of October in 2023. The manuscript exists in a short score which varies significantly from the engraved score, as is often the case. I tend to continue working and refining the music as I hear it rendered in Finale. There was a time when I laboriously worked through sketches…

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  • Composing and performing Beata Viscera

    Discovering the 13th century Parisian composer Pérotin was, for me, one of those musical ear- and mind-expanding moments. The Hilliard Ensemble released an album of his music in 1988: when I was a university student (not Officium with Jan Gabarek!) being slightly geeky and into medieval music, my friends and I were instantly mesmerised by the powerful and sudden unprepared dissonances, the intricacies of…

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  • About FHOW

    “As the conditions of life become more and more hard, mechanical and impersonal, music must bring ceaselessly to those who love it its spiritual violence and its courageous reactions. With our music we share the common desire to be satisfied with nothing less than sincerity, generosity, and good faith. We aim to promote a living…

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