“As the conditions of life become more and more hard, mechanical and impersonal, music must bring ceaselessly to those who love it its spiritual violence and its courageous reactions. With our music we share the common desire to be satisfied with nothing less than sincerity, generosity, and good faith. We aim to promote a living music.”

La Jeune France: Messiaen, Lesur, Baudrier, and Jolivet (1936)

Firehead Organ Works is a place where an advocacy for new music composed for the organ takes material form. Each of our composers has contributed concert works, chorale preludes, music for liturgy, partitas, fantasies, etc. These works are written by organists for organists with a keen sense of what’s possible in terms of registration, articulation, choreography, and all this in the context of a given acoustic in which the instrument stands.

Firehead Organ Works primarily represents organ music by Frederick Frahm, Huw Morgan, and Michael Bonaventure. In recent years, the catalogue has been expanded significantly by the addition of music by Jared Isaac Aragón, Neil Thornock, and others. The music posted herein is decidedly contemporary, well departed from common practice tonality, architecturally diverse, and above all authentically and idiomatically crafted for the organ.

Consider just a few works from the catalog:

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