Luiz Henrique Yudo – Biography

The music of Luiz Henrique Yudo generates from structures, labyrinths, alphabets, codes, patterns, architecture, paintings, drawings, sculptures, displays, textiles, numbers, geometry, tables, anything visual with a sonic potential. 

A Yudo score typically lays out a definite and clear structure, but some of the crucial details of how the music will actually sound is left to the performer.

“A musical performance is a game of responsibilities. The composition is constructed in such a way that it has its own identity. Some details are deliberately left open, so that the musicians can imprint their own personalities on the music they are performing, without compromising the identity of the composition. It is a nice way to produce music that can surprise again and again in each new performance. It is never aleatoric, it is just open. It could lead to disappointments, but only if the musicians did not correctly understand the instructions of the composer…” LHY