Millennium Organ Book, vol. 2


By Neil Thornock. Music for organ solo.


By Neil Thornock, The Millennium Organ Book vol. 2 is a series of pieces which range from easy to intermediate in difficulty, are generally short, and are designed to work well on small instruments.

Volume Two titles:
21. Valley Creek
22. Ash Leaf
23. Daytime Moon
24. Windswept
25. Joy Cometh in the Morning
26. Resurrection Morning
27. Little Lamb
28. Spritely
29. Angel’s Landing
30. Obsidian
31. Stalagmite
32. Stalactite
33. Daisy Dream
34. Aeolian Harp
35. Hymn for Creation
36. Song of the Oak
37. Cirrus
38. Canyons and Meadows
39. Heavenly Light
40. Canon II

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