Trumpet Tunes, Dance Pieces, and Character Works

We are pleased to present a small catalogue of festive pieces for organ solo. From Michael Bonaventure‘s fierce Dragon, Frederick Frahm‘s evocative Genii: Scenes from a Ballet (a musical fusion of a Klee painting with a tale from the Thousand and One Nights), to Phil Hinton‘s charming yet urbane Trumpet Tune, here is music for a whole variety of occasions.

As we continue to curate our collection of character pieces, they’ll appear here. Please check back often, or better yet, scroll down to join our mailing list. We’ll happily let you know about new works as they are added.

Click on a title to learn more about the music, to see a score, and to hear a performance.

Alabaster Owl (Morgan)

Chimera (Frahm)

Dragon (Bonaventure)

Ffanfare (Morgan)

Genii: Scenes from a Ballet (Frahm)

Trumpet Tune (Hinton)