the kestrel stands haloed before the sun


By Huw Morgan. Music for organ solo.


‘the kestrel stands haloed before the sun’ – an unmeasured prelude for organ solo, other keyboard instrument, or small ensemble, by Huw Morgan.

The composer writes:

“In May of this year, whilst on a walk, I saw a kestrel: it rose from the ground in front of me and hovered, suspended, before the bright, white sun on a still day. Time halted, controlled entirely by the bird, which eventually flew away around the shoulder of the hill. The encounter was peaceful and stirring; yet, through some strange reversal of scale, it was also menacing, as if I had become the kestrel’s prey. The title also refers to Sir Peter Maxwell Davies’ flashing and brilliant The Kestrel Paced Round the Sun , for flute solo (1975).”

Commissioned and first performed by Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua as part of their Unmeasured Preludes project, 2021.


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