Solo Organ Works

Solo organ works form the mainstay of our catalogue. Below you will find a variety of works in single or multiple movements. For music specifically based on hymn-tunes, see our chorale preludes page. Program notes are available from the composer on request, as well as any performance history.

Jared Isaac Aragón

Canterbury Sketchbook, vol. 2
the dwelling beneath sacred waters
the place where waters appear

Michael Bonaventure

Darenth 1
Darenth 2
Darenth 3
Dragon (2011/2016)
Preludes, Interludes, & Postludes
Set 1 (2016)
Set 2 (2016)
Set 3 (2016)
Set 4 (2016)
Set 5 (2017)
Set 6 (2017)
Set 7 (2017)
Set 8 (2017)
Set 9 (2018)
Set 10 (2018)
Set 11 (2019)
Set 12 (2020)
Set 13 (2021)

Frederick Frahm

Ascension Abstract
Altar Flowers
Babbitt, the Man
Beautiful Ghost
Before the End of Light
Cabeza de Vaca
Canterbury Sketchbook, vol. 1
Dalle de Verre
Daffodils, Being the Poetry of Christ
Embroidering the Terrestrial Mantle
Fantasy no. 5
Fantasy no. 6
Fantasy no. 7
Fantasy no. 8
Fantasy no. 9
Fantasy no. 10
Flowers in the Wood
Garden Party (Babbitt series)
Genii – Scenes from a Ballet
Good Friday, 1519
Gran Quivira Chapel
Great Age, Behold Us
In Winter Woods
I am Ezra
La Morte Meditata
Lux in Fenestris
Malinche in the Forest
Old Stone Church
On Mesa Verde
Ossa Arida
Pentecost Abstract
Rose Garden
Salmo 150
Sonata d’Eglise
The Great Machine
The Kingdom of Anxiety
The Shining Spires of Zenith (Babbitt Series)
Three New Mexico Sketches
Three Pastorals after William Blake
Three Pieces (after Odilon Redon)
Trinity Abstract
Two Psalm Preludes
White Chrysanthemum

Huw Morgan

Canterbury Sketchbook, vol 3
Carol Sonata
Cofion Cynnes Am Davies
Invocation and Dance
Living Stones
Partita Borealis
Prelude (2018)
Prelude (2019)
Prelude (2020)

Joel Peters

Diptych for the Baptism of Our Lord
Silhouette of a Cloud

Lauren Redhead


Neil Thornock

Meditationes Vitæ Christi
The Millennium Book
Volume 1
Volume 2
Four Settings of “Once in Royal David’s City”

Luiz Henrique Yudo