Versetti on Wondrous Love


By Frederick Frahm. Music for organ solo.


Composed for performance on a small instrument, this set of ‘variations’ on a shape note tune from Southern Harmony (compiled by Wm. Walker, 1835) can be played complete or excerpted as desired. In liturgy, consider collecting the first three as a voluntary, and playing the fourth as a brief postlude.

The individual movements can also be effective as alternatim between stanzas when the hymn is sung. While a larger intrument with more stops might can effectively used to perform this music, strive for clarity in registration which prizes the color of individual stops and the minimal use of pedal.

This work is dedicated to Carson Cooman who provided the registration based on the Beaudry organ in the Chapel of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge, MA.

Philip A. Beaudry Co., 1975
Lowell, Massachusetts

Man. (58 notes)
8’ Principal (treble/bass)
8’ Gedeckt (treble/bass)
4’ Rohrflote (treble/bass)
4’ Octave (treble/bass)
2’ Fifteenth (treble/bass)
Mixture II (treble/bass)
Cornet III (treble)
Stops divided at B / middle c

16’ Subbass
8’ Flute (from 8’ Gedeckt)

Manual/Pedal coupler


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