Works for Organ (CD)


By Frederick Frahm. Full length CD. Shipping included.


Complete playlist. Links go to performer editions available on this website.

As of Fire
Sonata d’Église (les retour des fidèles)
– Entrée
– Mélodie Mélancolique
– Sortie Joyeuse

Two Chorale Fantasies
– Vom Himmel Hoch, setting 1
– Sheng En

Sonata per Organo (Il Girovago)
– Allegro Impetuoso
– Adagio Malinconico
– Scherzo Frenetico

Three New Mexico Sketches
– By the Rio Grande at Dawn
– In Chaco Canyon at Noon
– Dusk on the Plains of St. Agustin

Septem Verba for organ and violin
– Remissio
– Paradiso
– Mulier
– Desero
– Sitio
– Perfectio
– Commendo

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