Ezra (Cycle for Organ)


By Frederick Frahm. Cycle of 15 works for organ solo.


This collection of 15 keyboard works was inspired by selections from A. R. Ammons’ cycle of poems entitled Ommateum (1955). Ezra, the poet’s nomadic main character who moves through time and place, life and death, has long captured my imagination. The detached sense of curiosity with which he observes the world and the manner of its striving human occupants routinely saves him as he comes to witness true atrocity and grief. Yet each experience makes Ezra richer for it, he matures with wisdom, and his heart fills with wonder as his Terran journey unfolds unbound by time or embodiment.

These 15 sketches seek to capture the ‘affekt’ of the Ammons’ poems in a tonal frame . Occasionally, the poet’s narrative pattern guides the structural form, but this music is more about subtext and as such an abstract resonance between emotion and sound is sought out.

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