Stille und Sein


By Joel Peters. Music for organ solo

(this video performance was made possible by the Canadian International Organ Competition)


An extended organ meditation exploring the concepts of “stillness” and “being”. Based on a German chorale from the Mennonite tradition, Ach Gott, ich möchte stille sein.

Of this music, the composer writes:

“In the end, this became a piece which humbly searches for a stillness of being, rather than presuming to have found the stillness of being, which the poet longs for. And still, my selfish hope is that this music does qualify to grant reprieve, that it does indeed touch upon the stillness of being and that maybe, just maybe, someone, somewhere may feel the burden lighten in a quiet moment of reflection, a period of loss, aching alone or in time of chaos. Or, at the very least accomplish what Robert Frost said of poetry; that it can offer a momentary stay against the confusion of this world.”


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